What’s this Ten Letters thing about?

So … here we are at last. It’s been a long time coming but the Ten Letters bus is well and truly rolling. The nugget of the idea started a couple of years ago in Chicago (yeah … I’m a shocking name dropper!), stalled a few times along the way, but thanks to some great encouragement from some great friends, past and present, we’re on our way.
“So … what’s it all about then Spoz?”. Well, that’ll be up to the brilliant poets we’ve got involved. They’re letters to this sometimes marvellous and sometimes infuriating city we live in (that’s Birmingham by the way) from young and not so young voices … intergenerational voices … stories of the past, present and future … stories of hope and frustrations, procrastinations, punctuated with images and sounds from some bostin musicians and video artists. Crikey … that was almost poetic.
Come to the Hexagon Theatre at MAC Birmingham on either Monday 13th or Tuesday 14th July to see the start of the Ten Letters evolution. This is Volume 1. An anthology and CD is on the way too. And extra volumes. And more shows in the future. Like I said, it’s just the start.
Mahoosive thanks to Arts Council England, MAC Birmingham, Apples and Snakes (WM) and everyone who pledged on our Crowdfunder.

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