Hurrah for Ten Letters!


“All my life I’ve been studying and teaching poetry, but with frustration at how this seemed to be a niche academic activity. Last night it was a performance art, and it sang. This is wonderful. Congratulations!”

10818434_1037042022996454_5545126529098611867_o 10835453_1037042156329774_1502316851535645671_o

“(I enjoyed) The passion in every performer. Everyone delivered and conveyed REAL things about Birmingham.”

10869775_1037041796329810_7537111832603310083_o 11221853_1037041609663162_5973326419089963763_o11057354_1037041922996464_1501946747424477423_o
“It was AWESOME!” – year 9 student from Park View School

11231098_1037041589663164_6029084031750458616_o 11921717_1037042116329778_4876979224266672121_o 11934529_1037041942996462_783192223438419583_o 11947736_1037041719663151_5860188818753871201_o11947786_1037042042996452_8579503516039160037_o

“I enjoyed variety. Each poem was so different, yet all enjoyable and no matter how personal, they were all relatable.”

11947920_1037042122996444_8563899040808387972_o 11950180_1037041806329809_3397309839575062990_o 11950316_1037041392996517_1050860748041726036_o 11952851_1037041516329838_5420357384270571408_o

“Too many highlights to list.”

11958205_1037041562996500_4492768144560062857_o 11999574_1037041536329836_4151079775564668498_o

“Beautiful, amazingly talented, funny, BOSTIN!”


11999730_1037042072996449_3736638858895303355_o 12002402_1037041716329818_3163519812974065630_o 12002571_1037041502996506_1806784149078263320_o

Did you come along to Ten Letters? What did you think of the evening?


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