Dear Birmingham by Joe Cook

Dear Birmingham

Might not be the city that never sleeps more the city having a lie in

The trains are always late so we’re chilling

In the melting pot simmering

Might not be a Hollywood set

But these Midlands are the Wild West

Seconds the best

But this is love and hate ying and yang

I mean there’s parts of my home I can’t stand

Like Broad Street the valley of the damned

One bombs, jager bombs, football songs

Big johns

Do you want salad with your kebab, bab

Whether it’s a sound system in Digbeth

Or the chaos of the German market at Christmas

A battle between blues and villa

A city to tough for Godzilla

Waiting to blossom

More jokers than Gotham

An accent that sounds like a record playing backwards

An accent that makes you question intelligence

Birmingham don’t be like that big bully London

Happy slapping other cities it sees as competition

Don’t need a must visit list or cities to see blog

A buzz feed countdown of must see towns

Feel the bite of the under dog

Stand proud of your ground you don’t need any permission

Stand proud of your ground you don’t need any permission

Brum know these cuts will always heal

We don’t need to borrow the big wheel

Like Bunny Johnson we take a beating

Battered and bruised

We’re misunderstood their confused

I mean listen to the reports on fox news

Oh one two one more thing

Big bad brum ain’t about bling bling

The Powers that be splash out on retail therapy

When they fail to see

The life of brum flows through art eries of creativity

Zephaniahs poetry

The buskers street symphony

A revolution in Handsworth

The bulti dishes birth

See past the monuments of vanity

To the grass roots beauty

Community commodity

Superstore and billboards

See past the shopping mall circus

Cause like shawshank your just scratching the surface

Dig deeper because

All is not it seems like the wizard of oz

In HS2 we turst

Cause you can’t get to brum quick enough

Come on brum we can do better than this

95% of the event budget on the Tory party conference

Are you taking the…

All those mirrors on Selfridges don’t truly reflect

The core of this city I represent and respect

Will take more than ten letters to cover this subject

We ain’t hit our prime

In a birmz state of mind